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Joan:  Glide is a polyester embroidery thread.  It is 2 strand, and not as strong as poly long arm thread like YLI, or Permacore.  I don't use cotton thread, so I can't compare it to what you've been using.  It has a bright look and the stitch definition is very nice.  It works pretty well, and lots of folks use it.  I've used both Glide in the bobbin, and Bottom Line with satisfactory results.  Jim

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I am trying to use a sample spool of Glide with the prewound Magna Glide. Batting is warm and Natural. I loosened the bobbin case and then tried again after loosening the top thread. It looks fine but feels like the batting is being poofed (sorry I have a hard time describing this). The stitching I have done is with the Stonehenge wide width, W&N batting and a piece of cut off backing.

After loosening the bobbin casing the thread came off just like I saw on the Jamie Whalen video. But should it be loosened more? I would appreciate any advise.

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Hi Joan and any quilters that live in a dry area:  Try soaking the spools, cones in Mineral oil.


I find that helps a lot, still on occasion I have to sprits it a bit with water or use a bit of Sewers Aid.

I think the mineral oil could be used the same way as Sewers Aid just drizzle a bit down the thread. 

Use a medical eye dropper or get some of those little bottles with very narrow tips and use one of

those to hold the mineral oil for drizzling down the side of the cones/spools.


Thanks for that info, Andrea. I'd not heard about removing the spring.  You do mean the black one inside

the bobbin case?

Thanks muches,


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