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For Sale: 2013 Lucey Quilting Machine

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Listing for a Customer:


  • 12-foot table with Bliss Track System
  •  M-Size Bobbin
  •  Other accessories available such as bobbins, thread, even a serger if you are interested!


Used for about 7 quilts. Discovered that this part of quilting just isn't her cup of tea. :)


Customer will deliver within a 200-mile radius of Trenton, Missouri for a small fee.


For more information, contact Sherri at 660-789-2308 or email armygirl_603@yahoo.com


System as New:  $13,400


Asking Price:  $10,500


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Hi mrszabo, Welcome to the zany world of apqs forum.  You can find picture and features of all the machines,

by selecting machiens on the home page.  These are great machines, in  my humble opinion, you can't go wrong

even with an old used machine.  Obviously this isn't an old machine.


Good Luck, Rita

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Nov. 2014, I upgraded from a 2010 Lenni to a slightly used Lucey on a Bliss table with a hydralic lift . I sold my Lenni in about a week and have certainly not regreted the upgrade to a Lucey. It has a larger throat space and seems to glide easier than my Lenni. I was happy with my Lenni but am even happier with my Lucey! Both are great machines!

A friend in Calgary wants a Lucey but with the Canadian dollar being so low, it is hard to invest in a machine right now. Too bad this machine is so far away from her.

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Charmaine, can you share with me how/where you sold your Lenni?

House of Hanson at houseofhanson.com offers listings for formerly owned longarm machines. Everyone I've referred to this site has sold their machine with 48 hrs. A great resource, besides listing it here on our forum!



Thank you!! I will make sure and list it on that site! Is it ok, do you think, to list it in multiple places??

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I tried to post an ad on HOH website, but can't seem to find how...!?!? I emailed 'Jeff' and asked what to do. I did read it cost $35, but am willing to do that to get my machine sold.

Jeff will email you back. Go ahead & make up your ad & have it ready to go in email. You just send him a check; but he'll explain everything to you in email. Good luck!!

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I have been on Grandma cuddle duty lately so I have not checked the website in a while.

I sold my Lenni to a woman in Calgary by placing an ad on Kijji and also on the Facebook network groups we have set up in Calgary for the Longarm Group and the Calgary quilters group. We can also post on the Canadian Sewers Marketplace on Facebook, Most of these groups are closed groups that you have to ask to join but the membership is not too difficult. I did post an ad on this APQS forum but quickly sold my Lenni to a friend of a member of the Calgary Quilt group. I think it took about 3 days.

Good luck!

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