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hi everyone!  I have been watching/reading this forum for about a year now.  I have a favor to ask.  Seems that word has gotten out that I am doing some long arming for hire (thus far its been limited to one wonderful non judgemental  friend).  I am wondering if anyone would be will to share the take in form that they have developed when receiving a quilt to long arm.  I have looked at that program that is 195.00 but at this time I can not justify spending that since I don't even know if I am going to enjoy quilting for hire!  Right now I get so nervous having someone else quilt on my machine that I don't sleep so time will tell.

I also do not want to not ask the correct questions or sell myself short on this trial time.


Thanks for your help in advance



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Janet, welcome to the world of longarming for hire!!  Yes, it can be scary - and frustrating - but overall, I have enjoyed the ride!  I will try to attach a pdf of my Work Order form and my Quilt Prep Guidelines - use whatever is on them, since they are cribbed from many, many forms and sites all over the internet.

Quilt Work Order 12-13.pdf

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Janet,  glad you got an UltII, owners just love them to pieces..




I do have a few questions;  are you remembering to practice on -paper?

and keeping loose fingertip control of the machine, via the handles?

and rememberign to relax,

and most important,  rememember to keep your breathing working, :D

and keep it steady.  I find when I'm messing up, I have a death grip

on the handles, most of the time.



Good Luck, you will do great for quilting for others. or just the friend and

 yourself.  (practice is so important though)

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