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Reach for the Stars

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This is a BOM from Quilter's Newsletter called Reach for the Stars.  Charlotte took the quilt to the next level by using these bright Kaffe fabrics along with batiks (the quilt is brighter than my pictures.).  I used 8 colors of thread on the top, but was able to use BL Oatmeal throughout as the bobbin color.  She had a challenge with the outer border (part of step 12) as the directions were off (fabric had been purchased and cut 11 months earlier).  She did the best that she could and I used some creativity in the corners to make it look good.  There are more pictures on Flickr.


16258268498_426c9b6fc0_s.jpgCharlotte R's BOM by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr

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Both the top and the quilting is beautiful.  You must have the patience of a saint to put those little curves (not sure what it's called) in all of those little diamonds.  Did you ever catch yourself counting to see how many more of them you had left to do?  LOL.



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your quilting is amazing. I browse the forum through the day but am unable to log on and post. rarely do I get on at home. I've finally been able to get to your flicker pictures. WOW. I've had Harley(my Millie) for a year and have SO much to learn. you have a knack for knowing just what they need. beautiful. and thank you for posting such clear pictures. :D :D :D

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