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new millie owner and have a bobbin issue.  thread around bobbin.  cleaned it out and rethreaded,  now can't  pick up bobbin thread and make a  bobbin noise when needle down tries to pick up bobbin thread.  Have cleaned bobbin and changed needle.  Suggestions please.  Got granddaughter's  birthday quilt ready to start quilting!

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Melissa, I've had this problem and it about drove me crazy!  First, if it's not a prewound bobbin, make sure it's would properly.  Sometimes it can be too loose and it won't work right.  Next make sure you've inserted the bobbin into the bobbin assy right.  So if you're holding onto the assy, and the open hole is looking at you, then the thread will come off the bobbin clockwise.   Also, check to make sure your needle is not only inserted right but that it's the proper length.  I had needles that were too long and that caused not only bobbin problems but made a terrible noise!  Also, if it's a prewound bobbin make sure it's an L style and NOT an M style.   I'm not even sure the M style would fit...I think they are too large, but not sure about that.   I have purchased prewound bobbins in the L style that were too thick as well.  Done by the manufacturer......that just happened and I've had my machine for almost 10 years.  

hope this helps.


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