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I never thought I had a need for sewers aid but I've had a couple challenging quilts this week and then when I was right at the end of my last nerve I developed a thread breaking problem. I tried all the usual fixes, nothing worked so I made a trip to the lqs and bought my first bottle of sewers aid.

OMG, my life has changed. No thread breaking, machine seems to move smoother (yeah, that's probably my imagination), even my tension is better and I don't think that's my imagination. I've always had issues with the tension getting goofy (I think that's the technical term) going in one direction only. I've tried lots of things to fix it, the best I've achieved is that it's now intermittent. It's been pretty bad on the current quilt, this quilt has so many other issues to deal with I didn't really care but the sewers aid seems to have worked this out. Is that possible?

Is there anything else I can use this magic elixir for, if so, I'm in, I love it. Is there an advantage to putting it on bobbin thread?

My suggestion to newbies, get some sewers aid!

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I've not found a thread it doesn't like.  Spool, cone, pre-wounds, including the magnetic, and wound by me.  Gotta love it.  I prefer tdip the spools and cones in mineral oil, as it doesn't tear into my hand and rile the arthritis and cubital tunnel.   The oil treatment doesn't need to be repeated unless the thread was treated years ago.

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I use it on every bobbin--pre-wound and self-wound. I purchase it at EESchencks, a wholesaler in Portland OR and I think they're also in Southern California.

I bought a big bottle of "liquid silicone" from a machinery supply company on-line and it's so thin it evaporates immediately. The thicker Sewer's Aid is more expensive by far but works the way I need it to.

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I just tried some on a Fil Tec bobbin Magna Glide Classic, but the thread seemed to want to keep coming out of the tension finger thingy.  I put in another bobbin without sewer's aid and it worked fine.   Maybe I just needed to tighten my bobbin a little, but didn't want to mess with it today.   I was on a mission to finish a project.   I'll play around testing another time.   

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