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Need some help for my Mom....beeping

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Ok.  SO I am at work, and my momma is working on the long arm and calls me for help.  I am asking you all if you have had this problem and may know what I can do to help her (from work LOL).  She is trying to finish a quilt and a dresser scarf for my daughter for her birthday.


Millie is making a noise like the thread is breaking.  This is different than the noise that tells you that everything is going smooth.  It happens about every 15 seconds.  Her thread is not breaking.  It keeps stitching with smooth clean stitches.   I tried to listen to it over the phone, but all I hear is the Millie running. The thread I do not believe is the problem.  I have used the same with no issues.


I am not going to get off work for a few hours and well she is in panic mode and I want to try to help my mom.



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If Millie is fairly new, she may have the "Low Bobbin Indicator," and it may be trying to tell her it thinks her bobbin is low.  If that is the case, there will be a red light flashing on the front, as well.  If she hasn't calibrated the "Low Bobbin Indicator," her bobbin may be just fine and she can ignore it.

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