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I'm looking for a couple of rulers and good sources to purchase them from. 


I have a set of rulers I bought many years ago for continuous curves.  They have served me well, but the larger continuous curve ruler is not very deep.  Is there one tool that does the trick for various curves? 


I'm looking for the itty bitty.  Is DeLoa's "Little One" the same as the itty bitty?


I'm also looking for a source for the rulers with handles.


I noticed a line on this bemoaning the fact that some sources have gone out of business, but didn't see a response on where the good sources are now.


Pat S

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I'm with Linda B on this one.  I had the itty bitty until I got Deloa's little one.  It is kind of the same except it has the 1/4" extension guides to aid in lining things up.  It fits my hand perfectly and is my most used ruler.  All of her rulers work the way they are supposed to!

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I got a few fun rulers and specialty shapes from the Gadget Girls and really have liked learning with them on my old mid arm.  Picking up my ruler table for my Millie this Saturday, so I can get started learning on I can't say how they will translate, but I expect pretty well.  Don't have a lot of experience in this area yet.  You can see their stuff here:


Good luck, and let us know what's awesome.  ;)


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