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George and Golden Threads quilting paper


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I just got my George last week and we are getting along very well for the most part.  Yesterday after punching multiple copies of a quilting design onto Golden Threads quilting paper and pinning it on to my quilt, I found that George completely rips the paper while it is sewing.  No need to worry about taking it out afterwards! But too much of a mess I can barely see my sewn lines.  I am using the default needle that came with the machine (4.0).


Has anyone had better luck with quilting paper?  Or could you recommend your favorite quilt marking tool (other than Pounce which I haven't had much luck with)?




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Use copy paper instead of Golden Threads paper and you may need only one copy. Poke the holes following the design. Then use a foam brush dipped in pounce chalk. Shake off the extra chalk powder and push the chalk through the holes with the foam brush. Keep the loose chalk in a plastic sealed container with the brush. You use much less chalk and the dots are very crisp. You can use regular pounce chalk or Miracle Chalk. Other options are stencils and a purple air-erase marking pen. A blue pen will need to be washed out while the purple pen will air-erase.

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