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Valerie.  The designs are all from my head.  I do have a whole lot of flower pictures that I have taken over the years if I need them for anything, but rarely use them anymore.  What I do with the more stylized ones is make a simple but realistic sketch, or layout of a sort of bouquet like the center, and then put a piece of tracing paper over that and simplify the drawing more.  Then I do it again, making more changes.....sometimes I do this three or four times because I tend to overdraw and make things too realistic.  For quilting, I find that it helps to simplify the drawing....a lot.  Hope that helps.

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Linda B., I design my own quilts.  I make lots of sketches and add/subtract as I go, making simple or sometimes drastic changes to the original drawings......if there is something that I have drawn and really like it, but it no longer fits into the current drawing, I will save the small sketch and use it later on something else.  Everything on this quilt was drawn on the final pattern, but then after the whole thing was done, I decided I hated the center and had to redo it.....change is a good thing.....oh, almost forgot....yes, I pretty much usually start in the center and work out.

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