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Stitch & Speed control box

Terri C.

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Sorry about the topic title wasn't really sure what to call this.


I was at the back of the machine tonight and happened to notice the needle that tells you your stitch length was jumping back and forth (see attached picture), I went to the front to see if it was jumping and it wasn't. This doesn't seem to be affecting the stitch length when quilting but I'm not sure why it's doing this.  I do have the IQ hooked up but the needle jumps weather IQ is on or off.  Truth is I'm not sure when it started doing this I just happened to see it tonight. Any idea's or thoughts on this one. My machine is a 2005 Millennium.






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I think I have seen this once or twice when using Brenda's machine. I assume it is just bouncing one position like 9 to 10 and then back.  It behaves like you are at nine and a half just bump the speed up or down a hair and it should stop.  I've never checked the other meter when I have seen this.



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Mine is doing the same thing, and only when I'm running it from the back end.  Mine jumps right to the far right and I can't lower it unless I go around to the front controls, and then I can.  It usually happens when I'm stitching a panto, and then the machines roars.....almost so loud I need hearing protectors.   I don't know why it does it.  I believe my machine was also purchased in 2005.

I did call in and they were going to go through some kind of service check with me that required two people...one at the front, one at the back.  Well, I never have two people here, just me, so I tend to keep a close eye on it.



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