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50 States I Spy Fabric Square Swap - WE GOT 50!

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I would like to host a 50 States I Spy Fabric Square Swap.


This is the skinny:


50 - 5" squares of a quality novelty, 100% cotton fabric that represents a particular state;  i.e. state bird, flower, animal, flag etc.  All squares must be the same in order for this to work.  If you want two states please let me know. The squares will be sent to me; I will sort them and send the 50 different square back to you.


1)  Choose your top 3 states that you want to represent.  (6 if you want 2 states) I will try to get your first one but it may already be taken so give me 2 more to work with.

2)  Email me at aktbone@yahoo.com with the subject of "50 State I Spy Fabric Square Swap".  In your email let me know your choices of states.

3)  Once I have all 50 states accounted for, I will email the list so you can do step 4.

4)  Cut 50 of the same fabric into 5" squares.

5)  Attach a 1 line explanation of why the print represents your state.

6)  Mail the squares to me along with a self addressed postage paid envelope.  Please make sure there is adequate postage for the return.

7)  I will mail 50 different 5" squares back to you.

8)  I will email you a list of the 50 explanations of why the fabrics represent the states.


If we have friends from other countries who would like to participate, please let me know so we can cut extra squares to cover everyone.  Instead of the state choice, let me know the country.



February 28 - choice of state(s)

March 3 - I will email the list of who has which state(s)

March 20 - squares must be in my hand

March 27 - squares back in the mail to you


If you have question/suggestions please let me know.


GO - Choose your state!

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I could do New Hampshire, Oklahoma or Illinois.  As this progresses,if the responses are low, I could do all three and perhaps fill in on other states.


Mary, I saw on one web list that Horses were a Kentucky state mammal or animal.  The horse is also a symbol for another state, I can't remember which one.


Pat Schafer

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Alabama - JoAnn B

Alaska - Tonilyn S

Arizona - Teresa Crow

Arkansas - Joni S

California - Eileen C

Colorado - Debbie W

Connecticut - Betty R

Delaware - Betty R

Florida - Vickie O

Georgia - Tonilyn S

Hawaii - Jerie B

Idaho - Heidi P

Illinois - Pat S

Indiana - Barb O

Iowa - Jeannie B

Kansas - Jeannie B

Kentucky - Mary Scott

Louisiana - Tonilyn S

Maine - Vickie O

Maryland - Teresa Taylor

Massachusetts - Betty R

Michigan - Barb O

Minnesota - Sue J

Mississippi - Tonilyn S

Missouri - Joni S

Montana - Heidi P

Nebraska - Joni S

Nevada - Heidi P

New Hampshire - Pat S

New Jersey - Betty R

New Mexico - Brenda P

New York - Wendi D

North Carolina - Mary Shea

North Dakota - JoAnn B

Ohio - Vickie O

Oklahoma - Pat S

Oregon - Dave

Pennsylvania - Pat S

Rhode Island - Linda R

South Carolina - Mary Shea

South Dakota - Vickie O

Tennessee - Teresa Taylor

Texas - Jeannie B

Utah - Joni S

Vermont - Mary S

Virginia - Donna M

Washington - Amelia A

West Virginia - Linda R

Wisconsin - Sue J

Wyoming - Tonilyn

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