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50 States I Spy Fabric Square Swap - WE GOT 50!

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Tonilyn, I see you are down for Mississippi, but I'll be glad to take it if you'd like.

Sorry for delay in getting in on this!

I can also take Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida if needed. 

I am in these states often & can easily get fabrics to represent.

Or if there are other states no one has chosen, I'm ok with that too.Petal


Thanks so much!
Betty Reid

The Quilted Petal

Petal, MS 



Tell you what....to save on confusion, I will take up to any four states that are left at this point.

Tonilyn, you just let me know which ones to take.  With "Google" you can learn anything about anything!!!

Thanks again.

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Those of you that are participating, I will be sending out an email with the directions of what comes next.  If you have any question please ask first.


A few things to remember. (These will be included in the email but thought I would give heads up now.)


50 - 5" squares - all the same fabric per each state you chose.  If you have 2 states, you will need 2 different fabrics with 50 - 5" squares each.


Use only 100% quality cotton novelty fabric - no batiks.  No use of selvages.  (If your squares have selvage, I will return them to you.)


Look for an email with the full list of all participants and further directions.


Thanks in advance for participating.

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Enjoyed googling four states I've never even visited (CT, DE, MA, NJ) in order to begin my fabric search! 

I am in South MS but I was in Memphis, TN and will be in Mobile, AL & Pensacola, FL next weekend to comb the quilt shops!  (Might help save money by being in the "focused" mode rather than "browse until fabric speaks to me" mode!!!

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Don't know if it's the teacher in me or that I love history. Many of us have chosen States we had to research. What do we do with all the information we have learned that could not be represented by our 5" piece of fabric? If you're interested, I think it would be fun to write a paragraph about the State, with the last clue referencing the fabric choice. I can envision this turning into a real fun game with my older grandkids and even adults. Anyone interested in listing a few extra facts?

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Yes Heidi, I would be interested.  I'm going to make adult game quilts out of the squares, one of which will go to my brother who is an avid RVer and one of my daughters who has traveled to many of the states.  I'm going to send the quilts to them  and hold out on the state identification of images for a week or two after they get it or until they say, "I give up - what state is it?"


Pat S 

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