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50 States I Spy Fabric Square Swap - WE GOT 50!

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I have all the squares in my hands!   I will be sorting and getting them all together to mail out this week.   What a bunch of fun fabric!

I can tell you that mine will become part of a quilt for our Motorhome!

I found the perfect fabric for my backing! It's from 2008 - Blank Quilting. I love it!

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That is the panel I am using for my backs.  I love that Alaska and Hawaii are in their respective spots, but Alaska is huge. 


Just a tad bit of information:


You can fit Texas into Alaska 2 times.  It is 1/5 the size of the lower 48.  Alaska is larger then Texas, California and Montana combined.  Impressive!

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We are waiting on 9 states.


If you have not already emailed me with your explanation of your choice of fabric for your state, please do so.  Several have sent them with your squares.  I don't have time to type all of them out.  Cut and paste is my wonderful friend!


Amazing - so far we have only 2 matching squares choices.  I will let you try to figure out the states before I mail them out.  LOL  B)

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