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Double Wedding Ring Quilt

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I think you need to do whatever the customer wants and can afford. I am not a panto quilter, but would choose one that goes with the character of the fabric and in a density the customer likes. Just because we think another choice would be better and the quilt would look better with custom does not mean your customer can afford it.

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While it doesn't seem to honor or value the piecing skills required, you certainly can quilt an overall on a DWR. If it's vintage and hand-pieced, you'll want to check for wear and open seams. Make repairs or mark spots where care should be taken. If it's new it's probably machine pieced and all you need to worry about is fullness. As for overall designs--the old stand-by, a meander (stipple) is fine. Medium-dense is a good idea. If the fabrics are more playful or whimsical, loops are fun and fast. If she wants a panto, an open feather design would be very nice. Use invisible thread (my choice for this type of request) or one that will blend on the background and the piecing. Try different grays/silvers if the background is white or very light. Seafoam green will work for a cool background, or a dusty pale pink if the background is warmer. 

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