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Totally OT

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Im in bad need of a good pair of bent end tweezers to use with the Embroidery unit and the serger.

I have found one set of not so good tweezers ( my opinion) that are 6 pair for less than $6.00

Does anyone know?  I've exhausted my searcher lol


Thanks,  Rita.




P.S., since I'm off topic, does anyone have a Viking, L1002 LCD?  I have one that stitches beautifull, when I can program it. 

However,  It is stuck in Greek or Asian language.  I no talkie like that!.

Or does anyone know how to get back to the English Language?   There is nothing mentioned about it in the manual

and I am having one bad time trying to find a Viking Dealer with repair person whom can tell me.




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Diamond Needle looks interesting...and may be great...If you have a surgical supply company in town you should be able to get quite a nice set...however I suspect you would be looking at some significant sticker shock!


2013 Millie


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Share on other sites  they have 39 varieties. 


Nancy's Notions has some different kinds.


Wawak has four.  


Don't know these guys:  Their site shows one that looks like a basic tweezer that came with my serger.  


Perhaps try a search for serger supplies or commercial embroidery supplies.  I saw several on the commercial embr. sites. 


Hope this helps. 




ps, just search those names, they'll pop right up. (avoiding Hotlinks) 






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