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Hello, ladies and gents!

This is my first 'share post', and I'm a little nervous, but very excited about the dramatic improvement my Millie is over my old system!

I humbly submit a couple of quilts I just took off my new Millie.  I have only had her since late November, and I am reeling in the new freedom to play with free motion modern designs and to try new things with each project.  (I load a larger backing and batting than the main quilt requires, and then practice free motion design ideas on little table mats and smaller projects in the side margin)


These are not intricately pieced to give me lots of negative space to practice in, and so far, the stitch quality even changing thread weights and types of bobbins, is just excellent!  Pretty easy to look good when the machine is such a dream.


A grateful shout out to the wonderful community here, and to you lovely and helpful experts who give so generously to us beginners.  Thank you!









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Yes you are an inspiration, thank you for sharing.  What thread have you found that you like best on your Millie? I have a new one!

I am using mostly So Fine by Superior top and bobbin, filling my own bobbins to match top thread to avoid tension issues till I understand all that a little more.  I have used #40 and #50, and like the #50 better.  Interestingly, I used a variegated #40 for the green quilt and had some trouble only in the darker green sections of the thread.  Little knots on the backing side, and some eye lashing on curves.  I don't know if it is dye build up or what.  It was a try me sample so I won't use it again.  The cotton I played with, I didn't like as well as the poly.  But I do pretty dense quilting and the thinner threads and poly in particular seems to work best.  Lastly, I have some Madeira quilting thread (new to their line...I have a six needle embroidery machine that LOVES Madeira so I'm a fan of their threads in general) that also works well, but it is also poly.  I think just knowing about tensioning will increase my use of different kinds and weights of threads...experience, like in everything.  Lots of great advice on this forum, and in general, the machine seems to take whatever I throw at it.  I play with tensions in the margins and have only had one bad small project that I had to take apart.  ;)

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Beautiful work, Drama Queen. BTW. Is that an old fashioned stove in the background of picture 4?

Yes, good eye.  It's a wood/coal burning cook stove.  By Monarch, it's the first piece of furniture my hubby and I bought together.  He was raised on a farm in Michigan where the cook stove was the only heat.  It is in great shape, and we'll plumb and use it one of these days.  Looking to move further out into the country.  

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