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Hello again,


I posted this topic on the forum about two weeks ago and recieved a few responses.  I've also spoken with Amy, but so far my problem hasn't been solved.


I've been a machine quilter for 12 years, so I've dealt with tension issues plenty of times.  About a month ago, in the middle of a quilt, I started getting random loops on the bottom of the quilt, as though my top thread was too loose, etc.  I tried to fix it, like I have hundreds of times over the years.  Nothing I've done has fixed this issue.  I've adjusted my tension assembly, re-timed, checked for play in the hook shaft collar (there wasn't any), replaced my hook assembly, checked for burrs, etc.


People suggested that it's the thread or bobbins.  I've tried switching out bobbins and thread....the change makes no difference.  The only thing that helps even a little is cranking my top tension so high the thread nearly breaks.  And even then, the random loops remain.  Like 15-20 per twin size quilt.


I'm looking for some ideas, preferably from an admin or someone who has dealt with something similar.  Like I said, I'm familiar with many of the basic fixes, but this has me stumped and I cannot continue to work on quilts like this.


Please help.


Thank you!



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J:  Have you carefully checked your thread tension assembly?  It sounds like the take-up spring might be occasionally catching on the machine body and not pulling the top thread tight as the stitch is made.  I'd remove the entire assembly, disassemble and clean everything.  When I put it back on, I'd make sure the clearance between the machine head and the take-up spring was such that the spring will not catch.  You might even try to increase the tension on the spring when you put everything back together.  In the meantime, I'd order a new tension assembly.  I was surprised at how a new assembly improved my machine when I replaced the old one.  Couldn't really see anything wrong with the old one, but the new one worked better.  Good luck.  Jim

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J:  I can't really find where your question is posted on the forum.  If it hadn't been highlighted on the side bar, I'd never have seen it.  In the future just post in the "talk about anything" listing so most everyone will see it.  You'll probably get a lot more responses to questions there.  Jim

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