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Frugality meets Creativity

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This is not the prettiest quilt, but it has a cute story.  Last winter (while being a snowbird) a gal picked up the completed Lone Star center out of a trash bin at her Florida church.  She brought it back to MN to her church and their quilting crew made it into a quilt.  It will go to one of their missionary's.  Maybe we need to guard our trash ;)


16461715969_bb8822d970_s.jpgFrugality meets creativity by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr

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It's very pretty!!  

Speaking of trashed quilts, last night my neighbor brought over a string quilt she has been working on.  It all started when she was cleaning she found strips of fabric in her kids' rooms.  Apparently years ago the kids were playing with fabrics and tore them into strips about 1 1/2" wide.   She threw them in the trash (you know how we all can get when we're cleaning).  The next morning she frantically dug them out of the trash before the trash guy came, put them in the wash (yes, she had a tangled mess) and proceeded to make a beautiful string quilt.  Oh, the stories she had of all of the different fabrics from over the years.  Some fabrics were very old, some rather new.  She was so glad she rescued those strips from the trash!

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