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NQR- Florida beachfront hotels

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This if for anybody who lives in Florida, or who has been there more recently than I have (20 years ago).  My friend from work and I are looking for a hotel on a nice beach, not crowded with college kids, from March 16-19.  There are lots of places with vacancies, but I don't know anything about the area to choose. We do want to be on a beach somewhere in Florida.  I looked at Key West but $$$$$$ very pricey.

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Try Englewood. It's on the west coast, south Florida. I haven't been in 3 or 4 years but not a lot of young kids. Nice beach, can find nice shells and sharks teeth if you like to look for those. Much less expensive than the Keys. It's near Port Charlotte and about an hour from Ft Meyers. There used to be a nice quilt shop in Englewood, a couple in Port Charlotte, and one I really liked in Punta Gorda.

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You are going to have college kids in most any Florida town as that is spring break season during your time frame.


The best beaches in Florida are in the Panhandle; Panama City to Pensacola; home of University of West Florida.  The beaches there are sugar white sand, and the water is normally crystal clear.  There are a number of forts, air museums, zoos, and other attractions to visit.  If you or your friend are military related, there are bases that have housing right on the water that you may be able to rent.  


Saint Augustine is another great vacation spot, and it has a college.   It recently was rated as a great family vacation spot on Fox news under their travel section.  You could not go wrong staying anyplace from Jacksonville to just north of Palm Beach.  The same goes for Fort Myers to north of Tampa.  As these places are slightly off the beaten path, the prices tend to be slightly lower than the Keys.  As it is spring break season and the north is still getting pounded with snow, room prices may be slightly higher across the state than normal.


The northern keys are also nice, though I am not sure how many college kids will be there as there is not as much partying, and things to do there.  Though they will be warmer than the north Florida areas.  


Good luck shopping, and too bad you will just miss the Lakeland Sewing Expo the first weekend of March.  



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Teresa, I live in Fort Myers and the beaches all along our coastline are beautiful white sandy beaches and shelling-most specifically Sanibel and Captiva.  You can get away from the college kids during Spring break as there are certain areas they congregate, but you can't get away from the traffic as this is tourist season.  There are many beach houses you may rent by owner - www.vrbo.com

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