I really need your help- top thread breaking

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I just finished a light custom quilt using SF 50 with no problems. I started a panto quilt using magnifico (trilobal) top thread, (glide classic in the bobbin) which is causing me grief. The top thread began shredding and snapping or breaking above the needle plate and sometimes below the plate at least a couple times per row. It became progressively worst. I haven't hit anything or jammed or broken a needle.

I tried to troubleshoot the problem by checking the timing, needle depth, hopping foot height and hook assembly play, all appears to be ok. I buffed and buffed including the mitten thumb and retaining finger, checked the hook retainer finger distance to the bobbin basket. I replaced with new- pigtails, needles, thread, bobbins, bobbin case. I rethreaded, removed the thread net, sewer aid, tension adjustment, bobbin case tension adjustment.  After all that, it is worst, the machine won't even stitch more than an inch or two without the thread breaking, it feels like the top thread is catching as it rotates around the hook assembly, it shreds, breaks or pulls tightly to the back even though stitches are loose on top. I am desperate to find and fix the problem, I'm 3/4 of the way through the quilt.

Please, do any of you have a suggestion or solution to my problem?

I have a call into Amy, I hope to hear from her tomorrow before the weekend.

Thank you.


Update below

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I WD-40 and oiled the hook assembly area several times as buffed and rebuffed.


I tried other threads both top and bottom too.


I removed the needle plate and with a magnifying glass couldn't find any scratches, I also ran a piece of wooly nylon around all the areas where a burr might not be visible, no luck there either.


Thanks for the suggestions, I am really baffled. I think I will try your suggestions look and feel again for burrs, try yet another cone of magnifico and maybe SF 50 then an overnight WD-40 soak. Shouldn't cause any harm.

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I have several cones of magnifico. I continually had needle thread breakage with this no matter the cone. After trying everything like you I gave up. Barb even tried to get it to work one time and could not determine the cause of breakage. I dedided my millie didn't like mag thread. So now I only use it in the bobbin with matching or close to matching color of metro thread in the needle.

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Have you checked out the thread?  Try pulling it between your fingers and see if it breaks easily.  It could be defective.  


If you have another spool of the exact same, just a different color, see if that one stitches without shredding/breaking.  I went through this with my DSM, and it was simply a defective spool of thread.  The dealer could not figure it out, when I brought it to him.  One of the older ladies in the shop suggested the exact same thread, but from a different spool.  It worked perfectly, and the bad spool went in the trash.



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Look really hard in there when you're cleaning.

I had a similar problem a while ago. I was ready to cry out of frustration.

Turns out, I had an itty bitty piece of shredded thread stuck behind the bobbin thingy.

When I say itty bitty, I mean it.

You couldn't even see it unless you turned the flywheel just so.

My friend actually spotted it.

It was a B*t*h to get out ause you couldn't get a good grip on it even with the long tweezer thing.

But once it was out...Lola baby was back to her old self.

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Thank you CPayne.

I did try a different needle size as well as several new needles. After a WD-40 soak overnight, I am able to stitch a few feet (not inches as before) without a break but the problem still isn't resolved. I shall wait for Amy's call today.

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If there is no burr anywhere my next thought would be what Meg mentioned.  This actually happens to me A LOT when my machine gets linty...it's usually after I've done a lot of quilting.  Somehow a teensy bit of thread gets stuck in the bobbin area and sometimes I can't even see it...it makes a crunchy noise though and then the bobbin thread breaks.  I'm not sure if that's similar to what your experiencing though, but I know when it's happening because it makes that same crunchy sound, then locks up and thread snaps EVERY TIME!  LOL

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lkl:  I know you mentioned the retaining finger adjustment, but that would be my guess as the offender.  I had a similar problem with Fantastico, and after fooling with everything, that's what I decided must have been causing the problem.  The 2 fiber winding of embroidery threads don't work that well on longarms.  Also very carefully check your needle bar height.  Good luck.  Jim

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Amy believes that a burr(s) is the culprit. I buffed the hidden areas I couldn't see. I removed the hook retaining finger as suggested. It was very rough on the underside which would explain some of the breaking/shredding. I also removed the needle plate again and buffed it thoroughly. While the buffing helped, I still had some breakage/shredding/top thread loops on back. I was able to limp through the quilt this p.m. I loaded another quilt this evening, quilted about half of it so far without any breaks. The difference being the thread, I switched from Magnifico to SF50.

In summary, I think the thread could be partially to blame, roughness of the retaining finger and hidden burrs.

Thank you all (and Amy) for your help.

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