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Latest one--Moonwalk

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This one was picked up today. The pattern is Moonwalk, designed and sold by a friend from my guild. She owns Eagles Nest Designs. While this looks like it has some intricate piecing, the blocks with the circles are printed fabric. She sold these as kits in this blue and white and also black and white. I stitched the circles as they were printed, pumpkin seed in parts of the borders, some ruler work and a bit of filler. I sold her Tuscany 80/20 cotton/wool and it was wonderful. Warm and soft with a nice drape. Bottomline and Essence invisible on top, BL pre-wound bobbins, and the blend batting. Arrow right at Flickr for details. Thanks for looking! :)



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simply stunning.  Do you use chalk to mark your grid for your pumpkin seeds, then use a ruler to complete the arcs?  Mine never end up looking so neat and alike.


I did mark the grid on the diagonal, Teresa. I used regular pounce chalk and a foam stencil dauber brush since I needed to mark every other line on the stencil to get the size I needed. It was a pain, but worth the effort. The Bliss system gives me the ease and control to stitch the arcs without a template. They aren't all even but they pass the "ten-feet-away" rule!   :D  

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Linda.  Just perfect.  Makes the most of the printed blocks and makes the quilt sing.  Your work is always so breath taking!  I admit to scrolling through your pictures for ideas and inspiration and hope to some day be half the quilter you are.  Also, you gave me a tip a month ago about putting a towel in the take up bar when it gets full but not universally tight, and I use it all the time.  It was brilliant.  Thanks so much, and beautiful quilting!!  Beth

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