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Hello From Colorado,....


Been busy in the studio here,.. working on a custom wholecloth piece for a customer,....

She sent me the "Tye Dye" panel and said I could do what I wanted with it,.... (Don't you love it when they say that? )  :0)

The piece measures 45" x 45"  and I used a double batting ( Quilters Dream Poly Deluxe and Puff)

Started by marking a general shape as well as the feather veins,.. then opened my Thread Cabinet and started pulling colors,....

I used all Glide! Threads in this piece,... and tried my best to mactch the ever Changing colors in the fabric,....  Wow,... did it ever bring out the colors!!

I used Magna Glide Classics in the bobbin in Light Grey,....  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that I can set my Millis Tension perfectly to use all the bold colors

for this quilt top (Reds, Royal Blues, Lime Greens, Organges etc.)  yet have no bleed through to the back when using a light color in the bobbin.    APQS machines Rock!!!

Thanks for looking!   





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Awe,... Thanks everyone,... :)

Libby,.. the girls are running me ragged!  They are both in High School Now!!!

can you believe that?  they are growing up so fast,.... 

Sports,..Marching Band,... School activities,...  Its been nonstop,...

Kelly has a plan to quilt for her College Fund!!!  Just need to get another machine so Mama can

Keep up with her Customers,... 

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