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Circle Lord help please? Help...

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I'm having a couple issues that I humbly ask...beg for your help! I got the Spirals and the BF boards today. Would have preferred IQ but I have to eat lol. Sooo...I got the boards.

Okay. The "fills" on the Spirals. You have to backtrack "a bit" according to the directions. How much? I don't like the way the double thread looks. Do I backtrack 2 stitches or 2 inches?

The stylus is about 1/4" too short. So I'm using the stylus from R&S that is supposed to fit the CL. And it does except it's so tall that it gets hung up on my Red Snappers! I'm about to cuss!

And I keep forgetting to raise the stylus and about ripped the whole holder off my machine hahahaha!

Can someone throw me either a life jacket or a heavy anchor?

Thank you!!

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If you have the Circle Lord stylus bracket the plastic piece in the middle can be moved down a bit.  I think I used a socket that fit inside the square tube and set it on top of the plastic and tapped it with a hammer.  I am sure Michael will see this in the morning and comment.  On the backtracking try to ride the stylus along the same edge of the groove for both directions and then the backtracking  should look better.



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Bonnie and Nigel, thank you so much for your help! This R&S stylus is supposed to fit the CL but there is a little wobble. And it jumps out of the grooves too.

I'll try hammering the white thing down so I can use my real CL stylus. If I can't get it to move down then I'll have to buy a wood board to go under the CL boards to raise them up.

I'll watch for Micheals response too and of course I will keep yall posted!

Thank you sew much, Amie

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Hi Quilterbee1,


Hope these suggestions will help:


1.  Use a light touch when guiding the stylus, and 'ride' one side of the groove or the other.  On some boards I hold the bracket and guide with one hand, and push on one handle with the other hand.  It is more of a guiding movement rather than pushing movement.

2.  Slow down going into corners and tight spaces, glide to a stop rather than bounce off the board.

3.  Not sure about the R&S stylus with the CL boards, I love the stylus from CL as you can turn it when you pull is up and the little pin keeps it up.


Good luck, you will get used to them and use them a lot!  I did before I purchased Quilt Path.


Joanne Flamand

APQS Sales and Education - Canada


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Joanne gives good advice!  The groove on CL boards is wider than other boards so you will get some wobble as the stylus point isn't filling the track completely.  Consider buying the CL rear stylus; its worth it and Michael also sells a smaller tip stylus to work on the R&S and other boards styles.  I've had three rear stylus brackets and I prefer the CL stylus over all of them.  It has a bracket to hold my laser so I leave it on all the time.  I'm sure you will find that once you get the proper setup you will love the Swirlz board.  It is a favorite of mine and looks great on all styles of quilts.  I'm using it today!  Good luck.

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