What batting to use for wall hanging

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   I have tried searching the forum but I am not very good at this search thing and have failed again so I will just ask for help.  What batting do you use for wall hangings?  I have a wall hanging that I need to do that measures about 19" x 24" .  I am attaching a photo if anyone wants to weigh in with quilting suggestions I am open for help.  I am thinking of echoing the geese and doing pebbles per request of the customer but that seems like a lot of pebbles and that maybe it needs something else.




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Try a layer of 100% cotton on the backer topped with either wool or poly batting. The cotton give structure to the piece so it hangs well and the top batting will show your stitches beautifully. 


For quilting? The geese and other paper-pieced areas can be quilted following the pieces. The swoops of very pretty plain fabric can be stitched with your favorite filler stitching. I wouldn't recommend any straight-line work because of the curvy organic feel of the piecing, but you can echo the seams and divide the areas with some curvy parallel lines to add more interest and put your pebbles inside. It's pretty busy and you might not want to be extravagant with the quilting so as not to over-shadow the piecing and colors.

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Your wall hanging looks wonderful.  


I would suggest looking at Angela Walters' books to get some inspiration; Free-Motion Quilting.  You could do one sided feathers in the geese, with the plume being the base of the triangle with feathers flowing to the point.  Then in the larger negative space areas, you could use her swirl-hook, paisley, or even her sea foam design.  Randomly section the area into three sections, then start the design one size, around your line increase the size a little, and at the third area again increase the design one notch larger. 


I am sure whatever design you finally decide upon, it will look amazing.  Best of luck.



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