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Side Clamps that hold backing

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I have a new Millie, which I love, because I had a Classic Gammill (not even a SR).  Most customers have at least 4" on either side of the quilt, but my clamps are bumping the machine and distorting the pattern, do any of you have a trick/tip that you use for this?


Thank You,


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Hi Phyllis,


Try taking a yardstick, piece of dowel or a curtain rail with curved ends and putting it under the elastic straps.  When the ends rest on the bars it will raise the clamps up and out of the way.  I am not sure that I have explained that very clearly so I hope that it makes sense to you.


Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new machine.

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Nice husband!  I use curtain rods which I covered to prevent scratching my rollers.  In addition, I've been using the Red Edge clamps and they work great!  It took some getting used to figuring out how they work but once you do-works great.  Kind of spendy though.

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I saw this in a tutorial about something unrelated and have used them ever since.  No hardware necessary.


Take four strips of fabric scraps about three inches wide by six to eight inches long.  Fold in half the long way.  Pin one short end to the batting at approximately where you would attach the clamp.  then attach the clamp to the end of the strip and tighten the elastic to suit.  Repeat for three other clamps.  Done.


When your machine gets close, the length of the fabric strip insulates you from running into the clamp.  Cheap, easy, movable.


Good luck with any of these great suggestions!


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