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Dave,since you don't need a George, better not bother.... Yeah, don't sign up. No reason to do that. Just ignore the big header up there. Deep and cleansing breath..You... don't...  need... that...  machine... Watch this spinning bobbin...

You're getting sleepy.....sleeeepy...  Count backwards from five... When you reach one you'll be completely relaxed... The give-away George means nothing to you... You have no interest in it...

When you awaken, you'll be perfectly contented with your machine.... You'll feel no compulsion to try to win another one... The beckoning banner will mean nothing to you... Three two one awake!



Well, gotta go. I need to sign up.  :ph34r:  :D

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Well, I had convinced myself NOT to register each day for the next three months but for some reason I got very sleepy and relaxed.  While in that state I realized that even though I don't want or need a "George" they have the monthly give-a-ways and I DO need those.  So thank you Linda for opening my eyes and helping me make such a drastic decision.  When I win the "George" I'll probably beg them to let me trade for the Lucey or Millie....I know how to beg really really good....just ask my wife.



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I dunno - why not?  LOL   It's two seconds out of your day and if you win it - how awesome would that be?  I wouldn't mind having a long arm AND a George one day.  Maybe that makes me a greedy pants.  I like to quilt on the sit down machine and the long arm both.  Ruler work is easier on the long arm but fun frilly fills are more fun and relaxing to me on the sit down.  Sometimes I just sit and free motion quilt on my Juki and experiment with ideas while listening to the tv.  I don't see any harm in trying.  :)

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