cat and ball quilt set up for quilt path calibration

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hi all, so here I am desperately trying to get set up on my brand new millie and quilt path...I am supposed to set up my "roll diameter" using the cat and ball quilt layout but I can't find the file on the forum.  can someone please help me?


thanks so much in advance,


Tanya Smyth

APQS Millie

Turner Valley, AB

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Tanya, I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to calibrate, but there is a pattern in "Continuous Line" (I think) that is a cat and a ball.  Is that what you are trying to do?  Or are you trying to calibrate your screen?  Could you possibly tell us or show us exactly what you were told to do?

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Tanya, found it for you!!  Go up to the search box, click on the little gear and enter "Quilt Path Instructions" as the words to search for, and "Georgene" as the author.  That should get you to her thread that has all sorts of wonderful information, including the "Cat and Ball" calibration posts.  That thread was started in September 2014, and the calibration document is towards the bottom of her first post.

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Hi again, yes I am on the QP facebook group, thank you for that - I guess I should dig around there a bit more to see what I can find.  played a tiny bit this afternoon but still very cautious of course as there is so much to learn.


One thing that really tweaked my curiousity was the "quilt thickness" button???? no way jose, seriously?  how does that work?  Is QP truly capable of adjusting to the thickness or thinness of a quilt without adjusting the hopping foot?  I will try it out but thought a technical answer would be very enlightening B)


thanks again,



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Tanya, some of those "questions" or "options" are a holdover from a different version of QuiltMotion, which is just a small part of our Quilt Path.  Pay no attention, for now.  Learn how to maneuver through the basics, both with Quilt Path and yes, freehand, as well!  Watch Angela Huffman's videos on YouTube and read Angela Hugli Clark's blog on Quilt Path - just those will keep you VERY busy!!

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