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I haven't used it, but thought about buying some.  I'm hesitant because I have had bad luck with Fairfield battings. There are sometimes hard lumps of fibers in the batting and that makes it hard to stitch.  Also, when unfolding them and placing them on the quilt back, they stretch really badly.  I did buy a package of that Warm and Plush they had last month. I will be using it this afternoon. I will let everybody know how it stitches up. I'm hoping it is comparable to Dream Puff.

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I attempted to use a package of Fairfield pulled a hole in it while smoothing it on top of the backing and that was before I had a Longarm so I was preparing to pin baste on the floor. I can't imagine getting it loaded on the Longarm but maybe you will have better luck.

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I saw that sale and was tempted too. It is only a 9 yard roll. So I'm wondering if it was really that good of a price compared to the larger bolts at 25 yards. 


Can someone tell me where the best place is to buy Quilters Dream batting on the roll? Recently I used the wool on a bed quilt and fell in love with it. Did a search and couldn't find the place you ladies referred to before.



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