2004 milli for sale package deal!! SOLD SOLD SOLD

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lou-lou,  I am interested in your machine and would like some more details.  When was the machine last serviced?  How long have you owned it?  Does it have a stitch regulator?  Do you have the manual or any DVDs?  Does it have needle up/down?  What is the measurement of the throat?  What size of frame? Is it capable of quilting a king size quilt?   What is the frame made of?  Does it come apart for moving?  Are the wheels in good condition?  If I were to travel to NY, is the machine set up so I could try it?  I know this is a lot of questions, but if I have hubby pull a trailer from Ohio to NY, I need to make sure I have as much info as possible. This would be my first long arm machine and I have been waiting a long time. You can email me at ncarkhuff@yahoo.com and I could send you my phone number so we could talk directly.  Thank you so much!


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Just want to remind potential purchasers--this poster hasn't provided any proof that there is actually a machine for sale. There are no pictures, pointed specific questions have been ignored, and the price is unbelievable. Does anyone know who the seller is or has anybody been contacted?   :huh:

If this seller was legit she would have answered any of several people who have expressed interest. At this price, that one should have closed the first couple of hours after it was posted. 

Beware!!!! :ph34r:

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Just so everyone knows this is a legit ad. I talked to her yesterday. It is not her machine so she doesn't have the info requested yet and it isn't in her house so she can't take pictures yet.  It was her brother's machine and he recently passed away.  She has to clear out his house so she can put it on the market.

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