Long Arm Rulers and Guides for Sale

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I am selling the following long arm tool and a marking border tool, recently purchased but never used.  For additional information, I've included the websites.  I am pay for insured shipping.


AccuGuide – ½ inch hopping foot,  Lakeside Quilt Company

Use this Ruler to:

Stitch in the Ditch around appliqué or curved shapes

Short straight line Stitch in the Ditch:

Outline or echo quilting around appliqué or curved shapes

Follow a stencil.

$18.50, selling for $15.00




Scallops, Vines and Waves Template, Quilt In a Day, Eleanor Burns

Add a fancy finish to all of your quilts with ease with this handy template. You can make vine and wave borders, waved edges, or scalloped edges. A 16-page booklet is included with the template with instructions on its use. This template can be used with any quilt that you wish to dress up with a unique finish. The Template measures 9" across. From highest point to bottom of ruler in the middle is 6.75". From highest point of ruler to highest point or arch in the middle is 4.5". Outside vertical edge top to bottom is 5.75". Made of heavy gauge acrylic and is laser precise.


Not to be used as a long-arm template/stitching guide.  Quilt is first marked and then stitched on longarm.



$16.95, selling for $14.00

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