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MQBM to Quick Books

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I have happily used MQBM for years, but I also do shows and use my iPad or Android tablet at shows. MQBM only works on my laptop which is a pain to tote around and I'm afraid of something happening to it as its my main computer. Does anyone have Quick Books set up to do per sq in pricing, etc like MQBM. Since im not far into the year now would be the time to switch as it will work on all the devices.

I don't want to make the investment if it won't do what I need. I know you can import square information which is what I use for charges. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I only have Quicken set up on my laptop and don't think the iPad will use an accounting program?  I just use an excel spreadsheet for pricing with my prices set up for the type of quilting connected to cells where I can just fill in the size of the quilt and it computes prices for all of the options that I offer...great to use on the phone but again, like you, I don't usually carry around my laptop...I just take down email/[phone and call back....


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