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Congratulations! And welcome to our world! You will need some kind of extended base for your machine to safely use rulers. The wider flat space gives you a place to rest the ruler as you slide the hopping foot along it. You need a straight ruler for stitching the ditch and other straight lines. Then the other type of ruler I use the most often is a shallow s shaped ruller for a curved spine to put feathers on each side for borders. Don't go crazy buying rulers until you have chilled little while. Lots of us have specially shaped rulers we just had to have and now they just sit on the shelf.

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Everyone has their favourites and there are many nice rulers out there. I'm sure there are different 'favourites'!

I tried a number of straight rulers at the beginning and my hand always goes to Deloa castle ruler. For a beginner, the ears are so useful and the marked lines are simple and accurate. I have both sizes. The 'little one' has a handy curve on one side.


I found I needed a longer straight ruler sometimes and added Janet Lee's Favourite from Gadget Girls.


Curved rulers are my next most used, and I use Accents in Design 12 1/2" a lot and Deloa's boomerangs in various sizes.

Start with a straight and a curve and spend time getting used to handling it around the foot in all directions and practicing wtih the etched measuring lines before you invest in too much.

Happy Stitching!



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