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Just got home from a very long, stressful morning.  After doing the second, deep tissue mammogram, they definitely defined a "nodule" so they kept me and sent me to radiology for an ultrasound.  Ultrasound detects a "suspicious mass" that is 1cm x 2 cm.  Results are being sent to my doctor who will contact a surgeon to do a biopsy on the lump.  Now the stress of not knowing begins......  hoping and praying it is nothing.  I knew it was serious because the mammogram tech went and got a radiologist to look at the scan. Then he immediately sent me for the ultrasound and then he personally came in to review it and talk to me.


Keep praying folks.  And, thanks for all the love.  You are all the best friends in the world.

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Oh my gosh, thinking of you sending positive thoughts and prayers your way....  I can imagine how worrisome this is - the waiting.  Hang in. We are here to carry you through while you wait!   Maybe I can think of some kind of crazy tension issue for us to all problem solve again and keep your mind from wandering too much..   :lol:   Sending you hugs and lots of prayers and positive vibes your way...

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