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Has anybody quilted one of these?  All the pictures I've found on pinterest show it with a simple stipple meander.  Should I try a panto on it?  I don't care for  the look of stipple meandering. Just too simple in my opinion.


This will be for a child, so it will be washed and dried regularly.  I am going to purchase a polyester batting this morning at Joann's.


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Thanks Linda. I had planned to do an all over, edge to edge but not sure which pattern to choose.  Swirls won't work and flowers, leaves, etc. definitely won't work.  I'm trying to think of something quick and easy, yet still attractive, but for a kid.  I have the animal crackers pantograph, but I've never used it before.  

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I've used the dazzle panto from Urban Elementz.  It's good texture and gender neutral, but definitely is good for boys.  I think it would work well on this.  There is another called cool beans.  I've quilted several versions of this free handed, with squares and rectangles going every which direction.  Had a modern feel to it, but I think would also look good if stitched with white thread.

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