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Quilting a photo quilt Inspiration Needed

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Hi Friends,


I have a photo quilt that I need to quilt - does anyone have any inspiration on how you would quilt one of these?  I am reluctant to quilt on top of the pictures but would appreciate any advice/thoughts on how you have done this.





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Hi Patrice.

If the photos are larger than about 4" square, they will need to have some stitching on them.

Outlining the focal parts of photo quilts your goal. Stay away from stitching on faces, but outlining heads/hair and the silhouette works well. Invisible thread is best, as is flatter batting. Extra-puffy batting will sink your stitches and cause faces to be distorted---don't ask how I know this!  ;) Plan to keep the density of stitching close to the same on all photos. If you outline every little detail in one photo, the rest will need the same treatment. If there's a photo of a group as opposed to a close-up of two faces, run a line across the tops of the heads in the group and a few line separating a couple of people. The close-up might have the heads and the necklines of the clothing traced. Then you may have four lines of stitching on both photos and and an even density. You'll be able to tell as you reach the end whether a photo needs more stitching and you can go back and add a line or two. 

Have fun with it and after you do one photo quilt you'll be a pro!

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