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Laying out a wholecloth on QP

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I purchased the Sun Compass Collection from Kay Oft and am attempting to lay out a wholecloth quilt. The quilt will be rather large; 72x108. I have downloaded and printed every how-to concerning QP that I could get my hands on including all the help files that came on QP, Georgene's and Angela Clarks guides. I have hundreds of pages which, at this point, is not a great thing. I'm overwhelmed. I haven't gotten very far getting this quilt laid out. I'm in the Design & Create Quilt mode. I've entered the size of my quilt and I was hoping for a 2" grid but QP disagrees so I went with a 6" grid. I've managed to merge the blocks for my outer borders, kind of. I want them to wrap around and I've got some articles on how to do that. The questions I have are: Am I using the right mode for this project?

The top and bottom outer borders are okay but when I place the design on the left and right outer border, rotate it and then try to get it to duplicate itself it will only stack itself inside the width of the border and not run the length of border.

I will greatly appreciate any help given.



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Looks like there is a difference between the pictures. First one has fit to borders and one repeat. Second one has Nested and three repeats. The second one shows a pattern that seems to be bigger than the first one.

Might try (in Design and Create) scaling to correct height and rotating verically the panto and saving it. Try using it to see if the rotation is causing problems. Also may as well make a quick panto of the border to use at the correct size and orientation Vertical left and right that may work.

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