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I know, I know, I'm so bad, I don't visit the APQS forum nearly enough as I should. in my defence, it's really my internet connection which is so slow to load all of the lovely photos that I want to see. It's all I can do to keep my blog and website going, it takes me so much time to do.


But who is going to Paducah?


I will be there with my two friends Linzi and Ellen.  Two of my quilts are already in Paducah, that can only mean they were juried into the exhibition/competition. Can you believe that two accepted? I am under no illusion that they will win any prizes but I'll be thrilled to see them hanging in Paducah, MQR, APQS and some of the smaller Yahoo groups really kickstarted my career as a quilter so how many of you am I going to meet?


If you see me please come and say hello!

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Kay you are so modest, you are so talented, I cannot wait to hear how you do.  I know it will be fantastic....and we do miss your posts around here!  Though, I also hop over to your blog now and then to see what you have been working on.  Wish I were going this year but hoping to be there in years to come.  Looking forward to hearing all about it from your perspective!  <3

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Just got it done-- and thank you Carmen!  We just got home last night and we've hit the ground running. I am so looking forward to the show this year!  At least half a dozen of my quilting buddies have quilts in the show. . . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed and thinking blue--blue--blue! But even if it's not blue, I hope at least one of them brings home a ribbon.  Can't wait to meet you Kay, Linda, and Annie! 

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