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Big Modern Star quilt off the frame

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Just picked up, this quilt was out of my comfort zone. "Do whatever you want" she said. The center fabric was so special she couldn't bring herself to cut it so this 74" square top had lots of space to fill. I traced around the print in the center---be sure to zoom in to see it well. It's swatches of woven fabric painted onto the background. They actually had a texture like white-on-white fabric where you can feel the paint. I outlined all of them with invisible thread, starts and stops in each one. Wool batting gave it some oomph. Then straight lines in the big triangles and a modern-ish filler in the background. BottomLine, So Fine, Essence invisible thread, and pre-wound BL bobbins were used.

We turned the quilt 90 degrees after the photo was taken and decided we prefer the background to be vertical rather than horizontal. It was fun to do after I decided on designs. Flickr link and arrow right for detail pics. Thanks for looking!



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You are so creative!!!!!!  Did you use a ruler or template for row of curves?  I love how you quilted this quilt.



Thanks Miss Dell. I started out wanting the separation and the frequency of the waves to be random. But I realized as I went along that I was keeping everything pretty even, so I stuck with that plan. Of course, as soon as I decided that things went a little wonky. It came out OK with an occasional oopsie---but I'll go with "it added to the charm"!


When (if) I use this again I'll cut some template plastic with even waves and use it to mark. I think if I cut two repeats of waves I should be able to mark a row and offset it one wave to mark the next row.


For those interested--I marked and started at one edge and stitched the wave across. Then an echo back. My echoes are not perfect but they don't need to be. Then start the curves/scoops and hit each side as you make your way. When you reach the end, scoot down the seam or on the batting and stitch the next row of waves and back. This will set you up to stitch the next curves in the right direction. With it completely marked it's very fast and forgiving.

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