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I've got one row left on this quilt, but I've tried everything that I know to try and thought someone else might have some suggestions.


QP pantograph, Beautiful tension.  Glide top thread, Glide classics bobbin.  Skipped stitches, thread breaks (frequently).  In the last row, I had eight (8) thread breaks before I quit counting.  Here's what I've tried:

  • New needles
  • Turned the position of the needle
  • New bobbins
  • Sewer's aid
  • Re-threading
  • Adjusting tension
  • and wine, lots and lots of wine (just joking, but I would have if we had any)

If this happens again, what else might I try?



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Oh, yes, Barb.  I forgot to note a thorough cleaning!  That was the first thing I tried.  I usually only do it after each quilt, but this time I cleaned midway.  I also have a habit of cleaning the casing/thread path when I change the bobbin out doing a quit.


I don't see/feel any burrs Joanne.  I haven't hit anything and the seams aren't anything extreme.  They're actually all pressed open and lay very flat.   

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I had a similar problem.  Check the thread path by removing the thread from the needle and then pull the thread, there should be no resistance.  Mine did and it was caused by the thread getting caught in the gap on the Glide cone that locks down the loose end for storage - I forgot to lock down the gap before quilting.

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Check the bobbin to confirm that the magnetic core in the middle is tight (no movement). I had a box of Glide Classic pre-wound bobbins where some of the magnetic cores were loose. With my finger and thumb, I was able to move the magnetic core back and forth.  It resulted in constant thread breakage, skipped stitches and backlash. I called Fil-tech, they were happy to replace the box of faulty bobbins. 


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I agree with loosening the backing tension.  Quilt top too.  I tend to be a "bounce a quarter off" the quilt sandwich, but someone once posted that your machine head should look like a little critter crawling around under your quilt.  Sure enough, I was having some funky top "loops" while quilting yesterday.  Every time I'd loosen up the backing tension they'd go away.  Then I'd move the quilt, tighten it down again and the loop was back.  It seems that I am a slow learner.

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