I helped my friend make her quilt

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Quite a few years ago, my friend Suzette's elderly grandmother's health was failing miserably and she came to stay in their home for hospice.  She was hand embroidering some printed quilt blocks at the time.  During her illness Suzette's mother sat with her for hours and one day reached over and picked up a block and started embroidering it too.  So there they sat for hours on end working on these quilt blocks.  Suzette's grandmother succumbed to her illness and her mother put the blocks away and life went on. 
Suzette's mother's house caught fire years later and these blocks were severely scorched.  It was very painful for her mother.  She couldn't bare to throw them away and she didn't know how to save them so she again put them away.  A couple of months ago she found them and was going to throw them away when Suzette took them.  She brought them to me and ask if we could do anything to save them.  Well, I figured they were ruined anyway so I had her use liquid bleach gel for colored clothes...soak them for just a little bit...scrub with a toothbrush then put them through a complete wash in the machine at least twice to make sure she had gotten out all the bleach.  I just prayed it wouldn't disintegrate the fabric or fade the embroidery thread.  Almost all of the blocks had big scorch marks as big as the bottom of an iron.
OMG!  The huge scorched spots were gone.  If you look really close you can see a couple of small light brown spots here and there on a few, but this was a miracle.  Suzette lovingly ironed them and we stacked them up and I told her I would teach her how to make a quilt with them.  The more I looked at them I realized she had enough blocks for two quilts.  A plan was hatched. I would teach her to make two quilts and she could give one to her mother this Mother's Day and she would keep one for herself.  We've been working on them in between Suzette's hectic work schedule and my illness.  Trimming them all to the same size (they weren't) and sewing them together then adding borders.


She came over yesterday and we loaded one on the Liberty and I sat up one of Michael's Circle Lord boards, Cosmos.  I got everything lined up and put her behind the machine.  She has made every part of the quilt with just me showing her how to do something.  I sat on my chair in the front of the machine and talked her through it.  She LOVED it!  She is definitely hooked on quilting.  Today she came over and we finished quilting it and put the binding on while the quilt was still loaded on the longarm.  Then I showed her how to use the DSM to sew the other side down by lining it up.  She didn't want to hand sew it.  It came out perfect and she is just so absolutely enthralled with it all.


We still have the other one to get quilted and we have to make labels for both quilts.  She is looking for a picture of all three of them together so we can put it with the story and create the labels.  It will be so wonderful.  I'm really tired today, but it's a good tired.   

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We all have special talents that we can share. You have shared a special moment with your friend she will not forget.

Her family will have this special quilt that has memories that will last for a long time. Oma you are a special person,

I hope you get feeling better soon. My thought are with you.

Have a great Day

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