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Mark and Amy.


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Thank you both Very Much for all the help you've given on installing the new hopping foot shaft.

It is just down to the screw head still clicking, and seems there is nothing to do to stop it.

I badly need the machine, so will use it as is.



Again  Major Kudos to

Mark C

and Amy in maintenance.


PS, Roland lost the private cell phone number, so no weekend calls, Mark. ;)


God Bless you and all at APQS


Rita A and Roland A.

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Thanks Mark I'm using it even though there is still a horrible knocking,

which he thinks from the screw head that holds the foot to the shaft.


  Praying it isn't damaging anything,  he's had it down  for 9 days, and it was to only

 be 1 or 2 days.


Anyway, thanks again!

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