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New Lucey owner...have some questions...

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Just finished my first little baby size charity quilt on the new-to-me Lucey. I had a couple of 'issues' that I would like some imput on...


1) when the needle comes up from the bobbin area, it seems to 'catch' a tad...like, if there were a barb on the end of something that is catching the thread. I put in a new needle, same noise..  Anyone else experience this?


2) when using rulers, my hopping foot hops too high!! Is there a way to lower this??


Thanks for any help you can be!!

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Hi Dara and welcome!

I'm hoping you have a manual to look at. The "catch" may mean you need to adjust the hook retaining finger since it can pinch and sometimes break the thread. It resides under the needle plate in front of the bobbin area. Look in the manual under timing and it will show you what to look for and how to adjust it.

Your manual will also show you how to lower your hopping foot and how high it should be for optimum stitching. You'll only raise the hopping foot to accommodate much thicker batting.  It's an easy fix with a long screwdriver.

When you finish these adjustments you will have bonded with your Lucey!

If you don't have a manual, comment here and someone will walk you through them.

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ffq-lar, thanks for the help, I think I have a manual, will have to check. I am comfortable with making the adjustments so will let you know how it goes


Busy Quilting....good suggestion...yes, am using 1/4" templates...this is my third long arm, just upgraded from a Lenni...but thanks for trying!!


This site is always so supportive and helpful!!

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Newbie Carrie, sorry, been swamped with graduation quilts, haven't had time to log in and answer your questions. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this machine!! I am thrilled to death that I upgraded to the Lucey. The decision was mostly just an example of perfect timing...I was moving, had tossed around the idea of upgrading at some point, mentioned it to my 'new' husband, he said go for it...next day I saw the listing for the used Lucey, 12' table., with Bliss...all the things I wanted, at a really good price. Listed mine and sold it within a week. Just like dominoes, it all fell into place.


I am having some issues adjusting to the reach to the back bar...I am only 5'4" and it is about as far as I can reach. I also learned on a narrower table, so maybe it's just what I have been used to for so many years.


The Bliss is AMAZING!! I had a Hinterberg Voyager 17 many years ago when they first came out...I loved their carriage/rail system. I even told the APQS guy who came to set up my Lenni that they needed to take a few lessons from Hinterberg...  maybe they listened because this system is very, very similar and is a dream to quilt with.


If you plan to do this long term and/or for a business, I would strongly recommend the Lucey. I am able to quilt a quilt in about 1/2 the time it previously took. Due to the 12' table (mine was only 10'), I am able to load quilts the long way parallel to the rails, and with the larger throat, it takes way less fabric advances...lots of time saved.


Hope that answers your questions....let me know how your decision is going!

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