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Mutt and Jeff would fit our situation perfectly. Phyllis and I met at Des Moines, IA last year in March when we went for some classes at APQS. She flew into town and I drove from KC but we stayed at the same hotel so I took her to class the first morning and we have been friends every since. She is so little and cute. I'm sure we are a crack up to see together. She loves to shop for supplies and she makes me tag along to hold her credit card or should I say guard her credit card :)

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Mary Beth - You can do leg lift exercises as you are checking your tension!

Maybe I should print out a booklet - it is a good think to stretch-out every

now and then.... move around a bit...... I do get more of that - walking

around to the back, instead of going under the front, but it's what works

for me! :D

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I test the thread tension when stitching the quilt top onto the backing/batting, and get under the table with a flashlight to look at and feel the bobbin stitches. During quilting, I periodically check the bobbin stitches on the back roller, since they show there. I have found that slowing down makes the bobbin thread tension more even.

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