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Batting poking through on the back of my quilt

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I love my Georgette :-)   So easy to do feathers, but..............my batting is poking through the needle holes on the back side.  I have a fresh needle in the machine.  I am using Isacord thread and wool batt.  The tension looks perfect.  Please HELP!


Raleigh, NC



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I have had this issue with several quilts and varied battings.  Sometimes it is the backing fabric, sometimes the needle size, sometimes the batting...when I have it the most is with warm & natural batting.  I try to make sure that the 'dirty' side is facing up and that helps some, but if the backing fabric is batik I will find that I can still have pokies showing.  Very frustrating and I would like to know if anyone has some TIPS that they would like to share so this doesn't happen?????

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I am so glad Jennifer mentioned the "fabric shatter" scenario - I don't see a lot of folks talk about that but I have had a few fabrics that did this.  In this case in particular you can see it's batting...but I have experienced the fabric shred/breakage is worst with lower quality (but expensive and purchased from quilt shops I might add) dark colored fabrics that are white on the back.......glad the poly solved the problem, reason enough for me to keep some on hand for just this situation!



Switched to "Quilters Dream Poly"..................bearding problem completely disappeared!  Sorry I bothered all of you :-)



Batik batting scare very susceptible to needle hole and batting bearding problems because of the higher thread count. The needle just kind of shatters the fabric as it punches through. I don't put a batik on the back any more.

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