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BOUGHTONE!!!! Would love to buy used, entry level long arm computerized with quilting software. This would be for personal use because I am retired and really don't want to have to do it for a business. Maybe I am dreaming. It my budget is 8K to 9K and located in Kerrville, TX area. Any input is greatly appreciated. Have taken the class and rented machine to do quilting on quilt but new machines and software are not in my budget.

Also new to forum and enjoy the posts.


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Yes, you can do it, there is a post in used machines for sale here, a 2005 Millenium, you can add Intelliquilter to that & you will have a great combo, you have enough money.

You can hire Dave Jones to do the transport spa treatment & set up if you buy the machine.

My machine is 2006 Millenium, added Intelliquilter 3 years ago, best investment ever.

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I bought a New Joy Gold Standard quilting frame in March 2006.  Used it quite a bit and loved it.  As  the result of a divorce, the frame was disassembled and put in storage for awhie.  This week I went to reassemble it, and to my dismay, I find there are parts missing:  the machine assembly platform, handle supports, handle speed control, and pointer arm.  The absence of these parts renders the frame pretty much useless.  I called the phone number on the company's website, only to find the frame model was discontinued 4 years ago.  Does anyone out there know where I might be able to find replacement parts??  Is there anyone with used frame they might want to sell for a reasonable price?  Or a damaged frame that an owner is willing to scavenge for parts??  Please help point me in the right direction.

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