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First I had terrible tension problems, went to my local fabric shop and they gave me

several tips which helped tremendous.  Now I am quilting and my stitches are so 

small. I have it set on 8 and I am using the stitch regulator. I am doing a panto on 

the Shadow Box quilt. I am using the glide upper thread and pre wound bobbins.

I did shut everything off and even unplugged it for a hour or more.


Anyone have any suggestions.



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Check the actual stitch length you're getting by setting the spi at 10 and stitching a three inch square. Use a ruler to note the real stitches per inch you're getting on all four sides. Then stitch a circle to check if the stitches are a consistent length all around. Armed with this info, call or email Amy with what you've found out. It may be that a board needs replacing, which is an easy fix.

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I had tiny stitches recently.  I was quitling with puffly wool batting.  I didn't want to interrupt that quilt, so I finished it before troubleshooting.  I believe that my hopping foot was set to low for the puffy batting.  When I put a practice piece on with flat batting, the stitches were back to normal length.  

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