Fragile Grandmothers Flower Garden

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I have the honor of quilting a grandmothers flower garden that belonged to a ladies great grandmother... of course, its hand pieced and the fabric is very fragile. I've searched the forum back to 2009 for pictures and any other comments, but i still need y'all's advice.  


1) I'm thinking the traditional SID inside the hexis would be too much quilting and put too much strain on the fabric and thread. what do you think?


2) if i choose the traditional SID, how do i travel from one hexi to the next without starting and stopping in each hexi (or is that possible)?


3) I've seen several GFG done with a Baptist Fan, but i don't want to use QP on this quilt just in case something hiccuped and I think the baptist fan would also be too much quilting. ???


3) DellD has a beautiful GFG done in a little swirl that I think might be perfect, but just looking for any other ideas or pics you might have.


Y'all are always so much better than any craftsy class, QNNTV or youtube video. Thanks again for being willing to share your abundant expertise!





Blessed, Blissed and Gliding with Millie and QP!

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Jeannie, thank you. Get your plastic out and dry erase pen and draw draw draw! Use a design you like to do. Swirls etc! That's how I came up with the design for the GFG for Debbi!  I know that you will do something wonderful


Dell 2016 Millie Frannie Ann Jr. with Bliss & she is Quiltaziod and Circle Lord Equipped with lots of Quilting Toys and now has Quilt Path!


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On the one I did I swirled in the center of each "flower" then did a petal shape in the surrounding hexes. It ended up looking like a field of flowers. I will try to find a picture when I get home.

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