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Autumn Glory

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I pieced this quilt five years ago.  It's from DeLoa Jones book SCRAPS ORGANIZED TO PERFECTION.  I took it with me to Camp Mowana where DeLoa, Jamie Wallen and Irena Bluhm were teaching.  Jamie suggested using gold metallic thread in the printed border, but I knew I wouldn't do that.  It would show too much.  Irena suggested feathers around the stars.  Actually that was my original plan.  When I realized a local quilt show was in April, I remembered Autumn Glory and decided I would enter it.  


Two years ago at the Lancaster, PA, quilt show, I saw this design around a red, white and blue quilt, which won 3rd place. (I left off the 4,000 crystals.)  I would give credit to the quilter, but I can't remember her name.  It was a gorgeous quilt.


Originally I wanted to do curved crosshatch in the triangles, but I didn't have a tool big enough.  So I was "talking" to Linda Rech and she suggested I find some way to get the diamonds in.  The small sashing stars are part of the border so I wanted a design that would go around them. I decided to use Kim Brunner's "whirly, twirly, feathers" and add diamonds, then stipple to separate them.  When it came time to do the small green border, I opened LInda Rech's sashing book and picked something to match.


I only used one layer of Dream wool because I have trouble using rulers when the batting is so thick.  I used maybe six colors of Superior Threads, So Fine and Bottom Line, on the quilt.

Also, thank you to Heidi and Vickie for answering many questions.  As you can see, it took first place in its category.



17205857080_777901be96.jpgAutumn Glory (2) by LibbyG7, on Flickr





17391456882_6cd6e807fd.jpgAutumn Glory (4) by LibbyG7, on Flickr


17205860230_43e3a20d8f.jpgAutumn Glory (11) by LibbyG7, on Flickr


17393088011_87fdae74a0.jpgAutumn Glory (5) by LibbyG7, on Flickr



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Debbie, that is a printed fabric.  I found it for $3 a yard and pulled the colors from it.


Charlotte, I had 2 weeks to get it done because the lady wanted Chrysallis Star for her guild's show and I felt bad for her.  I was quilting long days.

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This is a beauty!  Gosh, just love all of the quilting detail you did.  Congratulations on the well-deserved award!

I keep looking at the pictures over and over again.  My husband was wondering why I kept saying WOW!, then I showed him the pictures.  Same response from him! :)

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