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I just discovered these template/ rulers. Have you used or seen a demo of them in action at quilt shows? Are they a new thing? After watching the video I was thinking that the smaller one (5") might be what I need to improve my SID. I think that you'd still need to use an extended base. Curious for feed back.



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I really like the idea of the Tru Line and La Petite, but I have a concern because of the issue I have when I use a different ruler (the LIne Tamer ruler) with my George.   When I use that ruler, I have to use it on the diagonal, because the protrusion where George's hopping foot attaches to the angled head runs into it.  Wouldn't that also be a problem with the Glide 'n Go Tru LIne and La Petit?  Is anyone currently using these rulers?



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I bought a complete set and have had them a week or two. So far the only one I've used is the 5" plate, and I love it. Seems like I've been doing a lot of pantos lately, and the 5" plate smooths out the fabric as I move across the quilt - no need to reach across the roller with one hand to keep the fabric smooth (unfortunately, not all quilts I get are perfectly pieced and flat!)  while trying to guide the machine with the other. 


They recommend low-loft batting. I've been using either QD Poly Select or Hobbs 80/20, and the ruler works great with both of them. 

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